About the "Wonder Boy" lyrics

I have a question about the song "Wonder Boy" from Attack on the Pin-up Boys (꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건). Can anyone tell me the lyrics exactly as they sing them in the film? I can only find the lyrics to the OST version, which is slightly different.

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The film version has some changes starting from the first verse of the second stanza, that's the version I'm looking for...

Thank you ^.^;
TRAX Playing Guitar Back Music Video

Hey everyone.
I'm new to the community... >.>
I was wondering if anyone has a " Back" high quality Music Video. I haven't seen one that is not in .wav format, and I'm looking for a high quality .mp4 format because iTunes won't read .wav.
Please help if you can.
If not, thank you for reading this~

[Here is the .wav file format if anyone can convert it to another form iTunes can read]