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18 November 2008 @ 08:42 am

How to post.
  • Ask a decent question.
  • TAG, TAG, TAG, TAG, TAG, TAG ( Tagging Guide )
  • If you'd like, you can respond to the best answer to your question with "best answer," so others can know.
  • Use your new found knowledge.
What to post/not post.
  • DO post questions about your favorite Asian artist or fandom. This includes general questions about the groups/their labels/their members, music, locating Cyworlds or other similar sites, how to use sites in a language you don't understand, schedules, releases, fandom crap, and so on...
  • DO NOT post things easily found on google. If it's not in the first few links on a search engine, go ahead and ask.
  • DO NOT post a question that you know is stupid. The saying there is no such thing as a stupid question is sadly incorrect.
  • Advertising is allowed as long as it relates to Asian music/fandoms.
  • Questions about celeb's personal lives WILL be allowed unlike in other communities.

  • Allowed.
  • Do not make personal attacks on LJ members and keep insults against artists germane. I hate Heechul's new hair. =/= an attack. I hate Heechul, and I want to kill him in his sleep. If I ever see his face again I will rip it off. He's the the most useless shit in the entire world. = potentially hilarious but LAME and an "attack," aka allowed, but don't exceed your limit.
  • Semi-related to the above point: Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. At least listen to the other side first.
  • Do not carry on arguments that happen here (if any) outside of the community, please. You will probably piss people off.

Affiliates. We welcome any affiliates that have to do with Asian music & the accompanying fandoms.
ansonhuyanbinapopxstarbanana_taezar bangaday bat_tle capslock_tvxq crownjaday cmuse komawoyo kpop_locate kpop_uploads lyrikeol omonatheydidnt ourcrazylove tongvfangxienqi
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Emilythereisdiscord on November 23rd, 2008 03:56 am (UTC)
sure, bb!
srm_chizurusrm_chizuru on November 23rd, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
I'll get Maria to add this comm to our affiliates~ when she signs on.

Get on msn, please! T_T
Emilythereisdiscord on November 23rd, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
I was on the computer for literally only 5 minutes yesterday.